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Plastic or Rubber Spatula – Read This Before You Buy One

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Spatulas are flat, narrow kitchen utensils that come in a variety of materials and shapes.

Softer plastic and rubber spatulas are generally used for mixing and folding ingredients.

Flexible spatulas, on the other hand,  with a long, rectangular blade are used for spreading frosting, leveling off ingredients and removing foods like brownies from pans.

The blades are frequently made of metal.

black rubber spatula for flipping eggs

Black Rubber Spatula for flipping eggs

rubber spatula made in usa for flipping eggs

Part rubber spatula made in usa for flipping eggs (Picture Source

SPATULA FOR CAKES (Also known as a straight-edged spatula)


icing spatulas
spatulas made in usa

Spatulas made in usa

  • Spreading of the frosting,
  • Leveling off the tops of measured ingredients, especially those in measuring cups.


  • A straight-edged knife can be substituted for a spatula cake for leveling off ingredients.
  • A table knife or a rubber spatula can be substituted for a spatula cake for frosting the cake.

PIE SPATULA (Also known as a pie server)


icing spatulas
  • Pieces of Pie
  • Sections of cakes


  • A pie spatula or “pie server” may have more of bend in the end of the blade near the handle than a “cake server.”
  • However, most styles also may double as a cake server.
  • With this spatula pizzas can also be lifted​ or scooped.



best rubber spatulas
best rubber spatulas
best rubber spatulas


  1. Note: though called a“rubber spatula,” today,many spatulas are made of silicone rather than rubber.
  2. Rubber and silicone spatulas come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  3. Used for tasks as scraping the sides of bowls or pans, folding mixtures together and stirring ingredients.
  4. Rounded on one or both sides of their head to aid in scraping and stirring​.
  5. Spoon spatulas, sometimes called spoonulas, are a cross between a spoon and a spatula.
  6. The most common size of spatula has a head of about 2- by 3-inches.​


  1. When purchasing a rubber or silicone spatula or spoon spatula, choose one with a head that is both firm and flexible.
  2. This is so it can be used in the mixing bowl, yet still mix heavy batters.
  3. Look for a sturdy but comfortable handle.
  4. Check for the degree of heat resistance.
  5. Today, many spatulas, will resist heat of 4000F or higher, making them suitable for stirring at the stove.
  6. Check if you can put the whole spatula in the dishwasher.
  7. For some spatulas with a wooden handle, you may need to remove the handle and wash just the head in the dishwasher.​

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