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Best Cookware for Electric Stoves – Maximize Your Options

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A good cookware for electric stoves will typically transmit the heat evenly and quickly over a flat surface.

A cookware item that was meant for electric stoves tends to work well on gas ranges also but the reverse i.e. cookware meant for gas stoves or open flame cooking may not be the best alternative for electric ranges.



  1. A flat bottom cookware is ideal for electric stoves.
  2. Flat surfaces ensures that the entire bottom heats equally, cooking the contents at an even temperature.


From a material point of view electric stove cooking is best achieved by cast iron, copper, stainless steel and aluminum cookware.


Bear in mind that electric stoves in the smooth ceramic or glass cooking range may be vulnerable to scratches from rough or dented cookware.


Woks (Round Metal Vessels that are used for stir frying) could be a problem because of their shape and are not recommended for use on electric stoves.


  • If you have to use a wok do so over an open flame
  • This is because the wok will heat uniformly and small pieces of food or meat will cook adequately.
skillet for electric stoves
Best Cookware for Electric Stovetop
woks for stir frying


An electric wok might come in handy but this is not the best option for stir frying the asian cuisine way.

asian chef stir frying on wok in kitchen



  1. An electric stove tends to be relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

  2. Cleaning is not much of a hassle.

  3. The smooth top makes cooking in pots and pans easier.

  4. All it takes is the twist of a knob to turn the stove on and off.

  5. You can have additionals like grillers and fans.

  6. Electric stoves are good at distributing heat much more evenly when baking.


  1. No open flames for cooking multiple things.

  2. These stoves tend to cool slower when the burner is turned either down or off.

  3. May not work during power outages or storms

  4. Some electric stoves require special pots and pans for cooking

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As far as a skillet is concerned use only stainless steel, nonstick, teflon or cast iron.


  • Stainless steel skillets are good for basic frying of leafy vegetables with garlic and onion.
  • Have the pan hot with oil before adding the garlic and onion and when they turn golden.
  • Onion will take more time than garlic so it is recommended you start with the onion, let it brown).
  • Add the garlic, let it brown followed by the vegetables.
Cooking on stainless steel skillets


  • Nonstick skillets are great for cooking items like eggs, rice, cheese.
  • However, for delicate items such as, fish fillet that has already been warm smoked, nonstick could end up searing the skin.
  • This is because the bonding between the fish skin and fillet is already weakened by prior cooking.
  • Keep in mind though that very delicately poached fish could break up into pieces.


  • Try preheating cast iron skillets in an oven before using on the coil to sear soggy items.
  • Be careful during the preheating as the handle might cause burns.
Cast Iron Skillets


  1. Typically for electric cooking, a medium to heavy gauge cookware. This is useful because a heavy gauge will lead to the heat distributing more evenly during cooking.
  2. This will result in better diffusion and fewer "hot spots," and the food will cook evenly tending to burn less or not at all.
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